Climax Paradisy

Climax Paradisy

Climax Paradisy

The Climax Paradisi installation awakens an irrepressible desire to climb higher.
To reach the world of human knowledge, beyond the limits of human reason. The ladder represents a connection between two worlds – the sacred and the profane. It has always been so in all human beliefs. The ladder of virtues is climbed by those who want to reach salvation.

The crystal ladder Climax Paradisi
is made of 16 segments, each measuring 1.5 m. The segments are suspended from a steel rope by special 3D-printed gripping systems that were developed specifically for this installation. The ladder is silver-plated on the inside and therefore acts as a mirror. 

The entire installation permeates two floors of the North Bohemian Museum tower. The first part is the ladder itself. In the second part, the ladder is complemented by silver clouds, which are made of hand-blown metallurgical glass. The museum tower is thus fitted with a glass structure weighing over a quarter of a tonne. A permanent installation for the North Bohemian Museum.

Unstoppable desire
to climb higher

Embark on a transformative journey with the Climax Paradisi installation,
igniting an insatiable yearning to ascend to greater heights. Propel yourself into the realm of human knowledge, transcending the boundaries of mere reason. This visionary ladder serves as a bridge between the sacred and the profane, echoing a timeless theme present in diverse human beliefs.

Bridging realms, the ladder becomes a conduit for the pursuit of virtue, a symbolic ascent towards salvation. Aspire to climb the ladder of virtues, where each step echoes with the resonance of a higher purpose. The Climax Paradisi installation beckons you to transcend, reaching for the sublime, as you climb towards the apex of your human potential.


Technical glass, Hand Blown Glass, 3D print


Internal silvering