The term penetration is known across disciplines. Whether as breaking through a defensive military line, penetration in the context of sexual activity or just as a coating that seeps into the material. 

Culture is surging to the surface!

The sculpture PENETRATION 2021, created especially for the Liberec Castle, was intended as a breakthrough of energy that is rushing towards the surface. Our eyes tell us that it is frozen in time but the ears can almost hear the shattering of the bedrock and the clink of crystallising glass. The object brings together local materials within geology and history – the refined and raw masses of local Liberec granite and the icy crystal rods of glass that are intrinsically tied to the region.

Thus, a place to meet, encounter, rest, stop and contemplate comes to life.


Crystal glass / Liberec granite / concrete


Crystal / Liberec granite


Hand-blown glass


Permanent installation in the park of the Liberec Castle